Baylor University

Fall 2008 Activities


Joanna Gaitros Iturbe, Admissions Coordinator at the Hankamer Graduate School of Business, Baylor University, reports on the student community service activities during the Fall 2008 semester.

Baylor MBA students have been active in service projects, as well as social responsibility projects this semester.  We have 35 MBA students volunteering as mentors in the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (  With 35 students mentoring this semester, we have the largest representation of MBA students actively volunteering with PEP.  In addition to volunteering their time as a mentor on a business plan, we have had about 15 students make trips to the Cleveland prison unit where the PEP program is located.

In addition to PEP, several of our students have actively started the process of founding a Net Impact ( chapter at Baylor University.  We are already seeing the results of their efforts on campus in a recycling campaign.  They plan to be much more active over the upcoming year.

Finally, our students are getting involved in the ‘Food for Families’ food drive (, along with faculty and staff in Hankamer School of Business.

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