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“EHSAAS – Special Children...Special Abilities“

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Ehsaas ‘12 was an occasion to applaud special children with special abilities. Held on the grounds of SPJIMR, Mumbai the event was attended by close to 250 children. All of them were trying to overcome various disabilities/health issues like Down syndrome, HIV AIDS, genetic disorders etc. What makes these children special is their extraordinary ability to fight against all odds with a smile on the face. The event was also attended by representatives of 10 NGOs who have been working with such children for many years. There was also a sizeable attendance from the management students and faculty of SPJIMR. Ehsaas ‘12 had corporate sponsorship from NABARD and Tata Chemicals. LEO Club, Mumbai set up games stalls for the children to play and win prizes. All this was done in co-ordination with the team of 10 student volunteers of SPJIMR along with 2 research assistants and a faculty member, who spent a total of 400 hours in organizing the event. Invitations were also sent out to nearby colleges so that we could have maximum participation towards showing support for the children and the NGOs.

25 stalls were provided for NGOs to sell home grown products made by women groups (SHGs) pieces of jewellery, clothes, chocolates, candles, table mats, coasters, trays, and other artistic handicraft made by special kids and teachers. Few stalls were also used by physically challenged individuals making their living selling handicraft items. All the stalls opened in the morning making it a busy day for the NGOs, helping them do great business with their stalls. Later in the evening, the event celebrated dance performances from approximately 100 children. The children put in a lot of effort for the same and this was an opportunity for them to not only showcase their talent but also have fun. Snacks were provided to everyone present at the venue. Finally all the attending NGOs were given gifts and we said goodbye with the promise to meet again soon.

In all, Ehsaas ‘12 was a great success and it provided an impetus for wakefulness of the children disability, by engaging the wider global community.


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