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McDonough School of Business Month of Volunteerism (MoV)

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This year the Month of Volunteerism integrated all aspects of the community, coordinating first and second year MBA's, staff, faculty, administrators, and outside partnerships to raise awareness of volunteer opportunities and to form partnerships with the community. The 4 MBA Georgetown cohorts competed to have the highest participation and most service hours during this month. A team of 30 committed MBAs organized the entire month, which lead to 100+ events serving 60+ organizations.

Activities ranged from on-campus events such as making sandwiches for the homeless at Martha's Table (one of our Deans, Elaine Romanelli, participated in this event), going on a fun run with the homeless at Back On My Feet and then hosting an on-campus pot-luck for them with the undergraduate business school running club, and writing holiday letters to veterans, to off-campus events such as teaching financial literacy to 5th graders at the Marie Reed Elementary School, walking pets at local pet adoption centers in DC and Arlington, Virginia, and partnering with many organizations to beautify DC. The team truly made sure that there was an event for everyone and this month-long event generated goodwill in the community, formed long-standing partnerships, and encouraged students to continue to give back to the community throughout the year and their careers.

The Logistics Team vigorously tracked results and kept the campus updated on the progress towards our goal of 1,000 service hours and 50% participation. The Marketing Team worked with staff to launch a social media campaign with the hashtag GUService, which lead to the sharing of photos, description of events, and even participation from our Dean, David Thomas. Our Outreach team built on existing relationships from the previous year, developed new relationships, and maintained contact with these organizations to ensure an ongoing partnership. Outreach also partnered with employers such as Deloitte to broaden our reach and add a networking element to giving back to the community.

Overall, the McDonough School of Business was able to contribute 1,400 hours of service during this month (over 600 hours more than the previous year), and 52% of MBAs participated in an event (up from 30% the previous year). The M14 Saxa Cohort was able to get 100% participation from their cohort, setting the bar high for next year. Drawing on the established relationships, infrastructure, and what we have learned, we hope to be able to add more events, serve more organizations, and contribute more hours and students to service next year. With your help and recognition, we hope that this event will continue to grow and foster a stronger culture of giving back at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business.   

The Month also coincided with the McDonough School of Business' Movember initiative, which raised over $31,000 for cancer research and got the campus into the giving spirit for our annual Toys for Tots drive held in December.

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